Privately guided tours of the D-Day landing sites

Objective D-Day

Objective D-Day Guided Tours of The Normandy Beaches And Sites

       My interest in WW2 was sparked as a very young child when the older members of the family would discuss their experiences of the war, the fighting and the home front. Many of my family were involved in the actual fighting around the globe and my father and his sisters were evacuees.

       That interest has stayed with me all of my life and my undergraduate and postgraduate studies were in history and before becoming a tour guide in Normandy I taught for many years

"We were blown away by what we learned, experienced and toured. There was so much to soak in! Thank you, Colin, for a really amazing day. My husband, daughter and I really appreciated all of your knowledge and your sense of humor!"

     I offer comprehensive guided tours to the major sites and battlefields of the 6th of June 1944, D-Day, where you will be given an indepth detailed history illustrated with maps and photographs before being allowed time to explore the site and take photographs.

     However, what makes Objective D-Day unique is that the tour is yours. If you have family involvement in and around the invasion let me know and I will endeavour to get you to those sites pertaining to your family history.

     Remember I only recommend sites, but the itinerary is entirely tailor made to your requirements.

1, 2, 3 or more day tour options are available to you. Please contact me for further d├ętails.

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